The Relaxed Mother Summit
The Virtual Conference on Becoming a Mother & the Early Years of Parenting!  
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The Relaxed Mother Summit Agenda
(Times listed are in GMT +1)
9th October - 
Becoming a Mother!
11:00 AM - "Welcome to The 2017 Relaxed Mother Summit" with Nicola Arnett

 1:00 PM - "Mindful Hypnobirthing" with Sophie Fletcher

 3:00 PM - "The Emotional Side of Becoming a Mother, and Why it Isn’t Always Easy" with Mia Scotland

 5:00 PM - "Night-time Parenting after the First 6 Months" with Tracy Cassels
10th October - 
Taking Care of You!
11:00 AM - "Herbal Wisdom" with Susun Weed

 1:00 PM - "The Benefits of Yoga during the Early Parenting Years" with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

 3:00 PM - "Mothering Journey, Creativity and Our Cycles" with Lucy H. Pearce

 5:00 PM - "Your Relationship with your Partner and Why it Matters" with 
 Anna Finlayson
11th October -
Family Wellbeing!
11:00 AM - "Toxins in Everyday Skincare Products" with Jayne Sterling

 1:00 PM - "Simple Steps to a Better Diet" with Sally Beare

 3:00 PM - "Family Homeopathy" with Rachael Leffman

 5:00 PM - "Simplify Family Life with Less Clutter" with Joe Harvey
12th October - 
Relaxed Parenting!
11:00 AM - "Peaceful Family Living, Without Control" with Naomi Aldort

 1.00 PM - "Unschooling" with Pam Laricchia

 3:00 PM - "The Best Thing we can do for Our Children is Be Happy" with Jo Carter

 5:00 PM - "Closing Remarks" with Nicola Arnett
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